Best Free VPN for 2020 with Great Speed – Review

By | January 1, 2020

Here we come with another review of Top and Best Free VPN providers for 2020. Find the best free PPTP VPN for you from the above list and stay anonymous. You can use/test the VPN and share your reviews of the free VPN with us here.

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What is a VPN:

Most of us are very clear about VPN and its types still sorry for sharing as you don’t keep any doubt about VPN anymore:

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a security layer to your internet send/receive data. You can maintain privacy on any Private / Public network. Be safe from WiFi spoofing and Firesheep as VPN protects your data because your data are being stolen.

Find the Top 3 Best Free VPN Providers for March 2018 bellow:

1.ProtonVPN Free for 1 Device:

ProtonVPN is slightly new and the speed is awesome. You can use the Android or Windows software for connecting to VPN and secure the web.

You can choose from 3 location on the free plan.

Visit the official page for more info.

2. VPNBook Free PPTP and OPENVPN:

VPNBook is one of the most popular VPN providers with good network speed and 100% uptime network

The VPNBook comes with 2 location options where you can choose any of the servers [ Europe, USA]

vpnbook free vpn

First of all, visit VPNbook official website and Signup for free.

Download the required config and kick start.

One con of VPNBook is that you need to update username and password of VPNBook daily from official page as it changes the password every 24hrs.

You can choose config from 2 option whether you need it for faster browsing or downloading. So download your config and start using with free VPN clients like OPENVPN, NMDVPN, etc.

3. 3Mbit/sec Free VPN Service:

This yet another but less featured than VPNBook provider yet free to use. restricts free users with a minimum speed of 3Mbit/sec and maximum one connection simultaneously.

You can choose from locations: Canada and Netherlands [Netherlands will be a good option for Asia and Europe etc.

Data Usage Cap of 2 Gb/month per user.

Supported protocols: PPTP, L2TP, SS2P and IPSec [Lot more than VPNBook]

You can check more info at

4. HotSpotShield: Unblock Websites and Protect your Privacy:

It is one of the most popular VPN providers with more than 200 Million users.

Enjoy Free VPN with up to 6.40 Mbps Network speed along with Wi-Fi Security.

Protects your Bank/Card info, login ids, and passwords from Snoopers.

Can be used with Windows, Android iOS.

We don’t rank it #1 because this is not advertised free and you need to use their custom software to use this.

Official page:

Hope this helped you finding the perfect free VPN for your personal use and stay tuned for more updates and more providers. Let us know if you have any other experiences with more providers.

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